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Wednesday, First Week of Lent, John, 2:23-3:15, Nicodemus

I got sick today. I am afraid the reason for that is that I am too busy. And my arms are hurting still. So, I cannot read a card today, but if I had done it, it would have been alongside the story of Nicodemus and Jesus, John, 2:23-3:15.
In the story Nicodemus, who is a Pharisee, visits Jesus in the night, otherwise it is too dangerous in his position. Jesus tells him that for someone to be able to enter the Kingdom of God, one has to be born a second time, not only by water, but also by spirit. It is enigmatic what this means but I think It urges us to live according to the Torah (the scroll from the High Priestess), the living torah, sometimes called a river that cleans, refreshes and heals.
I think I would have asked the tarot what it would mean to me to be born a second time in water and spirit.
If I had done it I would have picked my card from the Fantastic Menagerie Tarot. I could not resist picking it from my little bag with titles, for it is lying here right next to me.
To be honest, I could not resist picking a card as well (that is the influence of the Knight of Wands that I have pulled yesterday).
I hardly could not believe my eyes, for it was the High Priestess, from whom I just mentioned the scroll.

Schedule of texts: Dienstboek, Zoetermeer, 1998.
Tags: fantastic menagerie tarot, high priestess, john, lent 2007, pain in arms, religious question

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