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Saturday, First Week of Lent, John 4:1-26, Living Water

This Lent I read a bible-passage each day and I pull a card about its theme. 


Today I have read the story of the meeting between Jesus and a woman of Samaria at the well from Jacob (John 4:1-26). Jesus is thirsty and asks the woman something to drink from the water of well. She is very surprised that Jesus asks her this, because she is from Samaria. Jews and people from Samaria did not get along, and did not have dealings. Jesus then offers her in an implicit manner also water, but “living water.” He says: “If you knew the gift of God, and who it is who says to you, ‘Give me a drink,’ you would have asked him, and he would have given you living water.” Jesus tells her that from living water, you are never thirsty anymore.

It puzzles me what this ‘living water’ stands for. So today I have asked myself what this living water would mean to me, in my life and situation. Would it be never-ending inspiration, a direct telephone-wire with God, a well that replenishes me and heals my ailments? What is this to me: ‘living water’? This is the subject for my card today in this entry.

I have pulled the Empress from the Voyager Tarot to inspire the answer. I have pulled the deck I've used from my little bag with tarot titles, today no doubt inspired by lecknerlakewho is reading the Voyager Tarot in her journal at the moment.

The openness and freedom of this Empress is appealing to me, when I look at the card. It is if the Empress on the card is able to do everything as she pleases without boundaries, and it looks if nothing is bothering her. So unlike me. 


But I know there is a darker side to this card, that the Empress cannot do everything what she pleases. The Empress is a card of cycles. The Empress is the mother who grieves her daughter or son who went away to the underworld. She is Demeter who mourned her daughter Persephone, Maria her son Jesus and Isis'  Osiris.

On a deep level the Empress is the card in the tarot that shows that life does not end with death, but that new life is born in a new cycle, even if it has to come from the deep, deep underworld, even when it really, really costs.

So, what is ‘living water’ to me in my situation and life? It is not omnipotence, being able to do everything without any limitations, and boundaries, what appealed to me when I looked at the card, and what I long for, honestly. No, it is my (and not only mine) ability to create -with lots of mourning and tons of effort- something new when something or even all in my life seems dead.

It sounds bombastically, but it is resurrection itself. 

Schedule of readings from: Dienstboek, Zoetermeer, 1998.
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