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Sunday, Second Week of Lent, Mark 3:31-4:9, Sowing

It is the second Sunday in Lent. Today I have read Mark 3:31-4:9. The passage consists of two different parts from which the biggest part is a parable about sowing. A parable is a story in which something is taught in images (just as the tarot that also teaches in images).

Jesus tells this parable at the seaside, many listeners are gathered to hear him speak. He tells: “A farmer went out to sow and it happened, when he sowed, some seed fell on the ground and the birds ate it. Others fell in rocky ground where it could not make roots; it immediately sprang up, but the sun scorched them, for it did not have roots to take water in. Others fell among the thorns, and when the thorns grew up, they choked it, and it did not bear fruit. Others fell in the good ground, where it yielded fruit. Some brought forth thirty times and some one hundred times as much.”

Seeds have the potential to grow, there destiny is to grow and to bear fruit, but not all seeds come to this step, tells this parable and it also tells the reason why this is so. Parables –alike symbols- never disclose their secret in full. Today I try to understand the parable by pulling cards. What I do here is that I pull a card for all the different things that happened to the seeds, thereby translating what happens to the seeds to events in my life.

Out of my little yellow bag with the titles of decks I use this Lent in my blog, I have pulled the Jane Austen Tarot to work with made by chelsearoad. I read one card here, the first, for reasons of space.  

Card 1: The first part of the seeds falls besides the road where birds devour it. This part of the seeds represents what could grow and bear fruit, but what I do not give any attention too. 


Tears streamed from my eyes when I saw this card, Six of Teacups (Six of Cups). Sorrow does not get attention in my life. In face this card is about emotional reciprocity, but since my initial response was so strong, it means to me ‘sorrow not taken care of’. I give myself not enough emotional support in that. Shown is Fanny from Mansfield Park (I have pulled her as the Hanged Man a little while ago). Making room for that will make me more 'whole'.

Card 2: The second part of the seeds falls in rocky ground where it cannot make roots, so that in consequence the sun scorches it. This part of the seed stands for the issues, projects and things in my life for which is no time enough to let them sink in; it stands for what is done too hasty.

Card 3: The third part of the seeds is choked by thorns that grew up among it. This part of the seeds symbolizes the issues in my life that are beset with unresolved conflicts, with heavy loads of guilt, anger or sorrow. So much of it, that it cannot grow up and bear the fruit what it is destined for.

Card 4: The fourth part of the seeds falls in good ground. Those are the seeds, the project and issues that can grow and bear fruit because I give them attention; for which there is time enough to let it sink in and for which I can resolve conflicts which may arise.
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