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Sunday, Second Week of Lent, Mark 3:31-4:9, Sowing (Part 2)

Just to have some feeling of completeness for myself, a second entry with the not mentioned cards, cause I could not sleep anyway, brief though. Want to catch some sleep! If you stumbled on this entry, there is first part, below this one. Just scroll a bit.

Card 2: The second part of the seeds falls in rocky ground where it cannot make roots, so that in consequence the sun scorches it. This part of the seed stands for the issues, projects and things in my life for which is no time enough to let them sink in; it stands for what is done too hasty. 


I pulled Lord of Coins in this position (King of Pentacles). Depicted is Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility. It is patience and stability this man stands for. After much poundering I go here for the meaning of confidence, relying on myself and my abilities, for it is there, but whithers away quickly, just as if it has no roots.

Card 3: The third part of the seeds is choked by thorns that grew up among it. This part of the seeds symbolizes the issues in my life that are beset with unresolved conflicts, with heavy loads of guilt, anger or sorrow. So much of it, that it cannot grow up and bear the fruit what it is destined for. 


Here I received the Lady of Candlesticks. Lovely, it is the second time that I have pulled Elizabeth from Sense and Sensibility. The first time I have pulled her as the Fool, I received that card then as an answer to my question what my life-lesson was. Doing my own thing against peer-pression and against the rules of society whas my interpretation back then. The Lady of Candlesticks, the card that I have pulled now, has many meanings, but for me here the accent is on "speaking my truth," something which is difficult for me, and it is of course related to the before mentioned issue, for when it is necessary to speak my truth I do it against some other meaning and truth. Speaking my truth is beset with many conflicts. It gives cause to many a sore muscle, and is surrounded by much guilt if I do it.

Card 4: The fourth part of the seeds falls in good ground. Those are the seeds, the project and issues that can grow and bear fruit because I give them attention; for which there is time enough to let it sink in and for which I can resolve conflicts which may arise. 


Here I received Nine of Coins, a card that shows a secure home and hearth and a man who is so happy that he never wants to leave the place. This is also a card that I have pulled earlier, it was the answer to the question to what I could learn from the deck: care for my health, feeling happy in my home and family, was the answer. For my answer now: My home, my husband and child is a basis for me where I feel well.     

Tags: lent 2007, mark, religious question, six of cups, tarot of jane austen

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