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Wednesday, Second Week of Lent, John 5:1-18, Healing

This Lent I read a passage from the bible each day and I pull a card about a theme in the story.

Today the story is about the healing of a crippled man (John 5:1-18). The man was lying beside a pool called Bethesda. Many paralysed, sick and crippled people were lying there, because sometimes angels came down and stirred the water. Whoever was the first to step in the water after the stirring was cured from his disease. Jesus saw the sick man and he knew that he had been sick for a long, long time, for thirty-eight years. Jesus asked him if he wanted to be made well, and the man said he did, but then he explained that he had nobody to help him to put him into the pool. He always tried it on his own, but someone else was always first in the water. Is not that sad, that he always tried it and never succeeded, and that no-one helped him to get in the water? Then Jesus said: “Arise, take up your mat, and walk.” Immediately the man was cured. He took up his mat and walked.

This story is about healing, becoming "whole". My question for the tarot about this story is: What healing needs in my life, an issue that I am not being helped with, and for what I cannot reach the healing cure. I’ve pulled Eight of Discs (Eight of Pentacles) from the Motherpeace Tarot as a card to inspire my answer. 


On this card women are making something, each on her own. I am the one who is weaving the wonderful tapestry. In some sort of strange way, I do not feel seen doing that, just as the man in Bethesda, and I so long so for it. 

To be honest, this is not true in my real life, a lot of people value my work, and I receive many, many compliments. And I love that (obviously) and I am very grateful for that. But isn’t that is just what I asked: “an issue that I am not being helped with and for which I cannot reach the healing cure”? The compliments by others do not help to heal it it. It needs another healing. And I always try and never succeed to reach the healing cure… Oh dear! Food for thought!
Tags: eight of pentacles, john, lent 2007, motherpeace tarot, religious question

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