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Thursday, second week of Lent, John 5:19-29 Love


The text from the bible I have read today is really difficult (John 5:19-29), but not for us tarot-lovers. It is about judgement, seen in the manner as we interpret the Judgement card, namely as a call for liberation, healing, following a call to live a life that is valuable, and not meant to put us in hell. 

Yesterday and the day before I have read stories in this blog about healings: one of a child who was so ill that he was on the verge of dying and one of a man who was sick for thirty-eight years. Both were healed by Jesus. The text of today is to be seen in this light. Jesus calls us, like the angel on the Judgement card, to live our lives: to value life, to do what we yearn for, and not to scamper it away, and spilling it. The image on the tarot card and in the text is of people coming out of their coffins, meaning that living life this way is so promising that even the dead will rise up from their coffins for that. 

The question I have asked the tarot today about this text is: “What calls me to life?” My card came from the Tarot of Jane Austen made by [info]chelsearoad. It was Ace of Teacups (Ace of Cups). 


This card represents love and the promise of love, and it means opening up your heart, so that love can come in and flow out.

What calls me to life is the promise of love that makes my heart go open.

Schedule of readings: Dienstboek, Zoetermeer, 1998.
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