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Friday, Second Week of Lent, John 5:30-47, Son of God

Jesus claims that he is the Son of God. This is an extraordinary claim. How to believe that, for no one has seen God, the Father of Jesus. It is the theme of John 5:30-47

For us tarot-persons this question is understandable and relevant as well, because we trust our cards, but on what is our trust based? 

The underlying question here is “How to know what is truth, what is beneficial and healing for us and for the world?” Although these are very interesting questions to ask the tarot, I am focussing on Christ right now, so I relate my question to directly to him. I have asked the question: “How can I trust that Jesus is the Son of God?” I’ve pulled the Achiever, from the Voyager Tarot (Knight of Pentacles, but a different meaning). 


I thought I was being joked at, looking at the card. In the centre of the card is a running man pictured with a number on his shirt: number ‘1’… Jesus number one, the sheer banality. Oh…I thought immediately: “This card is teaching me not putting my trust the cards, it is not a coincidence that I pull a card that I cannot interpret, while speaking about on what my trust in the cards is based!”

But, after a long time it suddenly dawned to me. It is the opposite that counts here. Jesus never points at himself as the man who it is all about. He points to his father, to God, as the centre of his life, not to himself. His life is not about him, but about his father. When Jesus entered Jerusalem, in the last days of his life, people cheered, for they saw him as a king. But he came not sitting on an elegant and powerful horse as on the Six of Wands and it was not in a big car as is shown here on the Achiever; Jesus entered Jerusalem on a little, stupid, stubborn donkey. 

Jesus was not aiming to be the number one. He was not aiming to build a coliseum, as pictured on the card. He did not want to put his footstep on the moon, as on the card. He did not want to build a kingdom on earth where he would be king from, as a great and mighty man, a position which corrupts, and calls for terrible misuse of power. No.

That it is not about Jesus himself, that is why I trust in him being the Son of God. 

Schedule of readings from: Dienstboek, Zoetermeer, 1998.
Tags: john, knight of pentacles, lent 2007, religious question, voyager tarot

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