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Tarot Day

My day was all tarot. It was the 'Day of Tarot', organized by Susan Gorel, the Dutch editor of the Tarot Magazine. I met some wonderful people, learned a great and useful spread, and I even practised the spread under the lecture. We do not usually do spreads there, so I never have a deck with me. But now I had the Jane Austen in my bag to show to Jeanette (who of course already ordered it, as she is a collector), and with cards I could do it! The spread was about clothes and appearance; how you want to appear, and how you do appear. Oh dear, very confronting, but great. Jan Ton, a dear tarot-person whom I like very much, suggested another theme for me to do the spread with, which was a good suggestion. Missed lecknerlake, but she made a well-informed and good decision not to come.

I post my Lent-piece tomorrow, since it is a difficult one and it is already late.

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