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Today I want to finish the lesson I am currently working on: The World. It is the last card in the Major Arcana, and the last lesson of the series. Very appropriate I received the 10 of Cups (from the Golden Tarot) as my Card of the Day.

Tens are about endings. One of the meanings of Ten of Cups is enjoying an ending. I picked the card with an intention: one thing to be, one thing to do.
My intention for today is: be happy, feeling fulfilled that the preparation for the course is finished (the 'be' thing), and work hard to make it happen (the do thing). It's early in the evening now. 


I must say, the card is going its own way, doing its own thing, wanting me to live another meaning of the card today. I went shopping with my daughter, unexpectedly. She is on the card, that girl in white. Shopping means, not working on my lesson.
We had wine and a delicious meal for dinner in that castle on the card, right under the rainbow. We all enjoyed it.

Funniest thing is, this is the most important meaning of the card, living a fulfilled family-life. I do not know if I can make time enough to finish my lesson today.

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