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Sunday, Third Week of Lent, Mark 5:1-20, Healing of a Madman


Today I have read a story in which Jesus heals man with an “unclean spirit”, a madman so to say (Mark 5:1-20). This man was really, really wild, no chain could bind hem. “Nobody had the strength to tame him,” the story tells. In tarot-terms the lion from the Strength-card was running wild through his life and through his mind, making him berserk. Jesus commanded the spirit to go away from the man and to enter into a cattle of pigs. That happened and the man was healed and sane again.

My question to the tarot about this story is: “What is at the moment untamed in my life and runs wild, as it were going ‘berserk’?”

I have used the Motherpeace Tarot and and the Priestess of Wands came up. 


A naked and courageous woman is striding purposefully to her goal, accompanied by a lion, which was quite a surprise to me, just after having compared the ‘unclean spirit’ with the lion on the Strength-card. It is a different lion than on the Strength-card. The tarot corrects me here in my one- sided view on the role of the lion on the card, and presents me with another view. On this card the lion is tamed and kept under control, so it can be used as ‘strength’, and assertiveness. The priestess uses it as an ally.

The priestess on the card is me. She frightens me a bit, by the powerful way she walks towards me. This card reflects on something what I have decided, but the result of it is yet to come and I feel ambivalent and uncertain about it. So here I go, courageous. But on the inside I am afraid; I am frightened by my own courageous decision.

The fear is what is running wild, the ‘evil spirit’ over which I have no control. The priestess has tamed her lion and uses it as an ally, and Jesus has sent the evil spirits away. Here is a task for me. Hmm.

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