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Tuesday, Third Week of Lent, John 7:25-36, Rivers of Flowing Water


“What was I thinking,” I thought, reading one of my entries written this Lent. In that the Voyager-Empress came up as an answer to the question “What does living water mean to me?”. The first thing I noticed in that card, was the lack of boundaries. 


“Living water means no boundaries” should be the answer for me, but back then I discarded that answer without further ado, although it was the first thing that I saw in that card, and I remember yearning for it… And does water have boundaries? No!

Today I get another chance to tackle the living water, for one of the themes of the passage that I have read today is “living water” (John7:37-52). The story is staged at the feast of Sukkot, where Jesus is teaching. On the final day he speaks about this theme to the people who came to listen to him. Again, this event takes place in an atmosphere of threats. But Jesus is still not taken captive.

Jesus promises that he who believes in him, “from within him will flow rivers of flowing water.” Cannot help thinking about our High Priestess, a very closed person, but having all that water flowing from behind and underneath her, and from her card, through all the cards.

My question to the tarot is: “What will it mean to me if from within me are rivers flowing of living water?”

I have pulled the Motherpeace Tarot to work with and the card that came up –I could not believe my eyes- was the Empress. 


The Empress on this card is relaxing. She is enjoying herself after the hard work she has done. She smells a rose and has a peaceful moment, feeling pretty and good about herself. That is me, when fountains of living water are flowing from within me. I’ll enjoy a moment for myself, I enjoy who I am (from within me), and I relax.

The Motherpeace tarot is a round deck, which makes it possible to give meaning to the position in which the card is pulled. I have pulled this card to the left. That means to me that I have not enough energy to let the fountains of living water flowing from within; I am too tired and too tensed perhaps to really enjoy myself and my body. So, in the position that I have pulled the Empress today I meet an obstacle for the rivers to flow from within me. 

Schedule of readings: Dienstboek, Zoetermeer, 1998.
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