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Wednesday, Third Week of Lent, John 7:53-8:20, Too Cheap


The passage I have read today is John 7:53-8:20, a story in which Jesus is challenged to acknowledge that he did not abide to the law of Moses. People brought to him a woman who was caught in the act of adultery. According to the law of Moses she should be stoned. The people who brought her said: “What do you say about her?” Of course they knew that Jesus would not stone her, and that would give him the excuse to arrest him. Jesus then said to them: “He who is without sin among you, let him throw the first stone at her.” They went away, one by one, having listened and being convicted by their conscience.

What I have asked the tarot is the following: “Show me a sin, that I see in others but not in myself.”

I’ve pulled “Love,” Three of Cups, from The Voyager Tarot as the image of a sin that I see in others but not in myself. 


“This is chaos, not cleaning up”, my husband coen_wesselsaid when I showed him the card because I could not make anything of it. He cannot read the Voyager Tarot, finding the cards too chaotic. But not cleaning up it is a sin of me, he is right about that.

I do have an answer, but I took me a long time before I had an inkling what this sin was about. This is it: I am ‘too cheap’. I should not talk about myself like this, but it explains the sin very well. On the card this is pictured by the flowers. The flowers keep on streaming in the other vase, without stopping (and there is no 6 of pentacles in this deck with a ‘give and take’ theme).

Friends of mine, Franciscan nuns, made me just a week ago aware of that I did this. They said that I give far too much written material in my classes; that I give too many things away, as if it is worth nothing. I take their view seriously, since nuns know every bit of the balance between giving and taking.

And I feel and see it immediately if others give too much or sell their articles too cheap, and it does not feel well when I buy these articles, but I find it extremely difficult to raise my own prices, or too give less, since I am of the opinion that it is a good thing to give. I even thought :“This cannot be this issue, I am too complimentary to myself here”, but that is not the case, on the contrary, since the cause is lack of self-worth… (oh dear, do not want to write this down… will delete it tomorrow… first thing in the morning).
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