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Mission Statement

Last night I have dreamt about my reading of yesterday-evening. I was very angry in my dream at someone who wanted me to help her.
Although I am doing a series of readings for Lent, I’ll post two cards from a reading I did for myself, for I liked doing this spread so much. It helped me to know better what I want with my readings, and in a mysterious way it made me feel better about myself.
The spread is called “The Tarot Mission Spread”, and I prepared it for some of my classes this week. The spread aims to help you formulate a mission-statement, what you want to accomplish by reading tarot. This statement can be used to consecrate or dedicate a deck (one class -a page like class- will probably want to do the ritual as a group. Must schedule time). The spread is by Geraldine Amaral, a Jungian tarot-counsellor and I have found it in Llewellyn’s Tarot Reader 2007.
I’ll post two cards from the spread, card 4 and 5 (the five cards form a unity, but it would be to much). I’ve used the Spiral Tarot.


As card 4, which shows my own intention in my work with tarot, I’ve pulled the Hanged Man. To me now the card signifies seeking other, upside-down perspectives on issues, seeking acceptance in all that happens, and putting my life and situation in a bigger perspective (the rainbow, connecting heaven and earth).
Card 5 showed the intention of Universe for my work with tarot, I liked the card that I’ve pulled on this position very much. It is Nine of Cups, picturing a woman who is really content with herself, happy in all areas of her life. She keeps more than she gives, as I look at all the cups around her. Although I think doing what the Hanged Man does is a challenge and takes great courage, I see this Nine of Cups as a positive addition to the Hanged Man, for it is lightness of touch, and its happiness. It helps me as an aim to focus my readings on (at least for myself, and not as a heavy task, not as “must be happy and content”).  
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