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Thursday, Fourth Week of Lent, John 6:41-51 Living Bread

The discussion between Jesus and the crowd continues (I’ve read John 6:41-51). Jesus expands on the theme being the bread of life. He tells the crowd: “I am the living bread which came down out of heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever. Yes, the bread which I will give for the life of the world is my flesh.”

When in the past, the people of Israel wandered in the desert and almost starved, God sent them manna came from heaven. The crowd listening to Jesus knew this, because it is written in the book of Exodus, and it is a very important episode in the history of the people of Israel.

Now it is Jesus that came down from heaven as manna, but the bread that he gives is ‘living bread,’ meaning his own flesh, his life. That is what Jesus explains. He tells the crowd that he is ‘living bread for the life of the world’. Jesus refers here to his upcoming death.

I wonder, what is it that Jesus wants to accomplish by giving his body, by being ‘living bread’? He does it ‘for the life of the world,’ a wonderful image, but words that yearn for an interpretation.

So, the question that I have asked the tarot today is: What did Jesus wanted to accomplish by giving his body as ‘living bread’?

I have pulled the Ace of Wands from the Inner Child Cards as an answer to this question. 


Aces show the essence of a suit and are a new beginning. In the Inner Child Cards Wands signify coming to your destiny, self-development, developing who you truly are.

I cannot really get the meaning of the card, but I think that by the death of Jesus something is revealed, the little elves on the card take the leaves aside; it seems if something is unwound and is lying bare now, and what is laid bare is beautiful.

I think the beautiful butterfly is the sacrifice itself, the ability of sacrificing one’s life for others. Jesus wanted show that people could do this, were up to this, like him. In this he tried to show how humans truly can be, in essence, for Jesus was a human being. He wanted us to become like him.

I have pulled a second card, to the question what this meant (card 1) for me. The Big Bad Wolf came up, the Devil in the Rider Waite Tarot. 


For me behaving this way (sacrificing) is a pitfall. Oh dear, and it is such a beautiful butterfly... It is the Big Bad Wolf for me, whom I meet again and again, while picking flowers for grandmother (surrounded by butterflies no doubt). Regretfully I have a highly ambivalent and complex relation with the subject of sacrifice, it becomes clearer and clearing during the writing of this blog during this Lent.
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