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Friday, Fourth week of Lent, John 6:52-59, Eucharist (part 2)


Yesterday I have pulled a card to the question: “What does it mean to eat Jesus’ flesh and to drink his blood?” Jesus flesh and blood are present (symbolically, or real) in the bread and the wine of the Eucharist, a ritual that is the at the center of Christian worship.

The card that that I had pulled was Four of Wands from the Fantastic Menagerie Tarot made by baba_studio.


I could not answer the question yesterday, and I could not today. So I pulled a card to show me my resistance; in others words, what blocked me interpreting this card.

The card that came up was the Magician from the same deck. 


The Magican holds the divine spark of creation. He can be a powerful figure, someone of knowledge, but at the same time he could be a trickster, someone who cons. You never know if what he performs is a trick of something real.

For me the trickster side of the Magician counted here. This card showed me that it is difficult for me to look a the possibility that the ‘eating of the flesh and the blood,’ bread and whine, the Eucharist, which is fundamental for Christianity could be a fake, a joke, a worthless effort.

The Magician also showed how I felt tricked by drawing the Four of Wands. I had a mingling of shame seeing this happy card with people enjoying themselves over-the-body-of-Christ, me included, and anger at the power that is connected to this symbol in the history of the church; power of excluding people from receiving the Eucharist and forbidding women to distribute it. 

Looking a the Four or Wands card, Jesus is the little beetle with the whip, in front of everyone, too little and powerless to do anything against what is done with his body and his blood.

A very revealing card, this Magician.
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