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I am a bit drunk. I drank one glass of rose outside, on a warm summer night. I do not do that very often, serious person as I am (wish I was less), so one glass for me feels if am drunk.

It was my intention to be open and to connect with friends today, seeing the Lovers card. I had a very nice come-together with my friend Sophie during the day. But, just like yesterday, the card followed its own mysterious way in my life, and it gradually took a turn to another meaning.

The lovers on the card are hesitating, will they choose each other or not?

This evening I had again an appointment with two of my friends, Margreet and Jacqueline. All three we did not want to go, we were hesitating. "Bad news", Margreet said when she called me, "we are going!"

In the end the card, and my life took the turn backwards again. We followed through with our appointment, and we had a peaceful time together, connecting and sharing our lives.

The emoticon is a bit exaggerated.

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