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Good Friday, Mark 15:22-41, Dark Mother


It is Good Friday, the day in the Holy Week on which the crucifixion of Jesus is the theme. When this happens, the story tells (for instance Mark 15:22-41) that there is darkness over the whole country for three hours and at the moment that Jesus dies, the veil of the temple is torn in two from the top to the bottom. These happenings indicate how people experienced this event as cosmic and immense. It makes me think of our Tower card.

Since it is all dark when it happens, I had to think of the Dark Goddess, the Goddess or the Mother of the dark moon.

Her biggest gift is the ability to put life and things into perspective, to see the big picture in which all fits. In all that loss and aloneness -of Maria, the disciples who abandoned Jesus, the soldiers who crucify him, the people who ask for Jesus death, of Pilate and especially of Jesus- a Mother and perspective is badly needed. That is the reason I called her in. I wondered: “Where do I fit in, in this immense event of the life and death of Jesus (the subject of the stories and the cards I have read during this lent)? What is the bigger picture for me?” This is the question I’ve asked the tarot today.

I have used four positions of the spread “The Dark Goddess” by Christine Jette from her book Tarot for All Seasons to answer my question (p.40-44; the whole spread consist of nine cards). I have read with the Motherpeace Tarot.

Position 1: Protection
This card indicates the area of my life where I give away my power – my soft spot that needs to be protected. The card can depict a situation or gives an advice. I picked the High Priestess for this position (upright). 


Pictured is a very powerful High Priestess who shows that you know what you need. I think it teaches me (so it is an advice) not to be carried away too much by the radical example of Christ’s life and death. It advises me to stay balanced, and in that way grounded in my own power. That has been difficult, for I discovered during my readings that I liked the example of Christ more than I was aware of beforehand.

Position 2: Patience
This card shows where I need to take it easy and allow things to happen in their own natural cycle. I’ve drawn the Priestess of Wands (Queen of Wands) here (upright). 


Again this is a picture of a strong, powerful woman, who walks with a purpose. My feeling is that I got stuck in my issues, and I want to push, break out and liberate myself. On the one hand I am disappointed in not being able to follow Jesus in all his ways. On the other hand I do not want that for it is unpractical in real life, it gives me a drained feeling and a loss of the ego, which is not healthy. But I could not put this second, more healthy view, in my heart. The gold at the end of the rainbow on the card symbolises this for me. I did not find that pot of gold. I need to take it easy, not pushing issues in order to overcome them. I need to let go of that purpose 

Position 3: Acceptance
This card shows what events, people or circumstances I want to control. I have pulled the Ten of Swords here (slightly to the left). 


On the card priestesses are jumping or falling off a cliff. It is an end of a road. These women feel there is nothing else left but disillusionment and loss. This position is closely related to position 2. It shows my disappointment in not being able to do as Jesus did, nor resolve my inner conflicts. I need to accept these disappointments.

Position 6: Perspective
This card give the big picture, this a “ah-ha” card, which gives the ability to put the situation or the issue in perspective with the “master plan.” I received the Magician for this position (slightly to the left). 


The Magician in this deck is a fiery person. She represents action, empowerment and choice. Since the card leans a little bit to the left, it is asking me to execute my power, my will and my ego. It will give me the balance (position 1) I need.

Although I do recognize this perspective, I see my blockage for obtaining it, hindered as I am by the image of Jesus. It is something I cannot push in an effort to solve it.
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