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I pulled 8 of Wands from the Golden Tarot as Card of the Day. One of the meanings of the 8 of Wands is that something what was stuck has come loose.

I was expecting the Fairytale Tarot to arrive for a long time. I ordered it weeks ago on the internet. Today I heard it got stuck at our local liquorice, just 200 meters from my house. They did not know I ordered it under my maiden-name when I came for it. Today we cleared up this misunderstanding. Now, it is here in my house!

I finished the writing on my course about the Major Arcana (one card, one lesson). It took me -on and off- two and a half year. So it is a big day today, but it has not sink in yet. I am flying in the air as these wands.

New energy will be set free now it is finished.

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