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A Bloodthirsty Monster

I had an interesting afternoon Together with my friend Lidy I prepared a lesson on dreaming and tarot, and we practiced what we wanted to do in class. Since working with dreams can be very hard work, tarot is a very focused tool to work with, and we had some charged readings in the last gathering, we wanted to have some air in it. This is what we tried out. We made our plan while practicing it.

We decided to work with an exercise from “The Dream Workbook” by Jill Morris. We took each one (important) sentence from a dream we had (luckily I had one last night) and associated on each word of this sentence. Next we rewrote the dream with the new words. We then looked for conflicts and themes in it. Loosely.

This was the sentence of my dream: “I am a bloodthirsty monster that cannot die” (very appropriate for a dream in the second night of Easter). I chose it because being this bloodthirsty monster made me afraid. I associated on each word of the sentence and my association to ‘bloodthirsty’ was: ‘life-force’ and ‘lively’.

After this the tarot had to come in. I remembered chelsearoadtelling me in a comment about many spread-positions on one page in Gail Fairfields’ "Choice Centered Tarot". When you write all these positions on index-cards you can pull some of them to make out the positions of a spread. For the real thing I make the index cards, but for now we only ran an index finger along the positions without looking, to ‘pull’ our position.

The position from Gail Fairfields’ book for which I pulled a card was: “Things you fear”. The card I received as an answer to that was the Knight of Pentacles from the RWS. 


When I looked at this card I saw the normally trustworthy and slow horse coming towards me, wild galloping. I feared that the horse would crush my head.

A moment to tell something about my situation. Today something new has begun. Most of my classes are over. Now it is the time of the year I should prepare for next season. I have been very busy for a long time now, all during Summer, Autumn and Winter, and before that as well. Now I can probably change that.

Back to the dream and the card now. My association to ‘bloodthirsty’ was: ‘life-force’ and ‘lively’. Well, I am this hardworking knight on his horse. When I get off this horse, the life-force runs wild; the trustworthy horse is changed into a monster that cannot die; a monster that comes for me. I fear for losing my head, it will be crushed by the life-force, by the galloping hooves that ride over me. In other words: I am afraid of loosing control when I do not work as hard as I use to do. I fear the feelings that will come up, unpleasant feelings of anger and sadness.

There is more in my life related to the theme of life-force and keeping control that make me afraid for the life-force. Last week I accidentally overburdened muscles in my legs, back and feet. I did it in a spontaneous action. Now I am in pain, tired, and my body feels as dead weight. It is not the first time that this is happened. When it happens it feels like lhaving lost control, not having paid attention. Furthermore, I do have some difficulty with our life-force, the sun. I love it and I do look forward to the summer, but it shines so hard, it is difficult to take all that sun in. And although I love the Spring that right now has started, those light-green sprouts and yellow daffodils are almost hurting my eyes. So, all and all it is not so easy to loose control and deal with the life-force.

It is interesting to take this conflict seriously. But I do think I need to get off that horse.

This was a fruitful way to interpret a dream!
Tags: dream, knight of pentacles, rws

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