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Six of Swords

I am still a little bit shocked about my monster and my fears, surprised about the intensity of it, and how primitive these fears are. This morning I read the cards with a friend and colleague. We talked about her cards, and at one time she said: “If I imagine I do (…this and that…), oh, then I think they will swallow me, really SWALLOW me.” I was so relieved to hear that I was not the only one with intense fears, and intense words for it (and of course I know… many people have them).

Ah, but the story of fears and monsters does not end here. This afternoon I pulled a card with the question how to make a start with my new project. I pulled the deck I would use from a little bag with four deck-titles in it: Animal-Wise, Animals Divine, the Jane Austen, and the Secret Forest tarot. I picked the Animals Divine Tarot to work with and I received the Six of Swords, called “Ibis.” 


Looking at the swords on the card, pointing away from the ibises, I thought it would be best to keep any fears at bay, away from me, enjoy the sun and the beach, and search for shadow when needed. 

In the book along the deck Lisa Hunt explains that the ibises are resting, the swords are being refuelled by the spiralling energy of air and sun and purified by the golden sand. When the birds are rested enough, they will fly to their destination. Hunt says it is important to see things in a new light, when drawing this card. I took that to heart. In addition to that, I took the ‘resting’ literally and I did not make a start on my new project. She also recommended to reflect on the past journey, to see the cause of failures and successes, but no, I do not think that is helpful for me now.

I like to think of other versions of the Six of Swords, some are so lovely. The version of the Spiral Tarot for instance in which an angel guides a boat in the dark -a copy hangs in my study- is impressive. 


Another of my favorites is the version form the Robin Wood Tarot, in which the boat is a swan. One of my students reads with this deck, he is an exception in that, everyone else reads with the RWS, and we all were jealous of him when he received this card some time ago. 


All in all a lovely, restful card, the Six of Swords.
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