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Daughter of Swords

Somehow I lost all my energy. But I did took a peek in the material for the bible and tarot course, just a peek. I mainly copied pages from the book, so that I do not have to leaf through the pages, back and forth all the time, loosing the overview. I still feel ambivalent about it.

I wanted to ask a wisdom-question about the Magician, associated to the bible and tarot course, but I don’t have the cards here that I want to use for the question (Shining Tribe). It was a question related to the Magician seeing him as Adam, a human created in the image of God. It was: “What does it mean to be created in the image of God?” I will do that another time.

A far more better question for today is one about my lack of energy, so I have asked: “What can bring me energy?”

I have used the Motherpeace Tarot and received: Daughter of Swords, almost upright, a tiny bit tilted to the right, accentuating the power of this card and my need for that. 


“How on earth am I able to do this?” That is what I thought when I saw this Daughter of Swords, handling her sword fast and able. She has lots of energy, swirls her sword into action, not caring about outcomes, not hesitating on any moment; so unlike me at the moment.

As always the card is right on top. Since this Daughter is so far away from me, she represents blocked energy. This girl is adolescent. When someone blocks her, these are authority-figures having power over her. Not in my case, I am a grown up, but these authority figures have perhaps crawled inside me and block me from reaching my creative energy, which leaves me drained. Food for thought.
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