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Mother Nut

Almost time for bed for me now. I have pulled a card along an Egyptian prayer to Mother Nut, the goddess of the sky who protects all. Her name means 'night'. In the prayer she she is called to evoke protection in the night, and to bring on sleep. 

Oh my Mother Nut, stretch your wings over me. 
Let me become like the imperishable stars, 
like the indefatigable stars. 
May Nut extend her arms over me 
and her name of 
   “She who extends her arms” 
   chases away the shadows 
   and makes the light shine everywhere. 
O Great Being who is in the world of the Dead, 
At whose feet is Eternity, 
in whose hand is the always, 
Come to me, O great divine beloved Soul, 
who is in the mysterious abyss, 
Come to me. 
Ancient Egyptian prayer 

Questions to be answered with a card, from which I wanted to chose only one, but could not: (1) How will Nut come to me? (2) How will her arms feel to me when she comes? (3) How will Nut chase away the shadows when she comes? I’ve used the Tarot of the Secret Forest to answer these questions


Card 1: How will Nut come to me?
I’ve pulled the King of Swords here. Nut will come to me and makes a clear division between day and night. She makes room for the night. There is much empty space on the card, which I love. This is the card I like the most.
Card 2: How will her arms feel to me when she comes?
Hmmm. I never forget pulling this card, Ten of Wands, in a Christmas-spread as my ‘Inner-Christ-child,’ a very burdened one. I did not like pulling this turtle as a sweet and pure Christmas child back then. Nut her arms will make me aware that I really need sleep after a busy and stressful day. I have a stomach-ache, the angry red is showing that, so probably Mother Nut her arms don’t feel as restful as they could, but at least her arms stop me from walking on. 
Card 3: How will Nut chase away the shadows when she comes?
Nut pins the shadows on a wall, like this Hanged Butterfly is pinned down. While doing that, she is showing me another perspective on them in my dreams. Strangely enough, it is also me pinned down to that wall. The shadows are coming out of my curly hear, fall down and vanish. 

Another useful question would be, how to call Nut. Too late now... She will come, surely. 

Prayer from: Adrew Harvey.The Essential Mystics, Castle Books, 1996.
Tags: egyptian religion, goddess, hanged man, king of swords, mystical question, spread, tarot of the secret forest, ten of wands

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