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New Beginnings

I am tired. I have used a new homeopathic remedy today, and that made me like that. I took it and I thought “Oh no!” Will this be my day? A strange headache, immediately. So I did not feel too well today, but I am glad I have decided it to do this.

I also made a start on my Bible and Tarot course. I am still looking for form, but it is coming.

The card that I have drawn this evening is from the Animal Wise Tarot. I picked it to the question “Who am I today”. It is: Ace of Shapeshifters (Ace of wands). Written on it are the words: New Love, Health and Happiness. 


It was a new beginning in the area of health and I made a new beginning in the area of work, so the Ace, a card of new beginnings was apt, and the suit too, for in both areas can change occur (shape shifters change).
Tags: ace of wands, animal wise tarot, who am i today

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