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Alef, Psalm 119:1-8


Yesterday I studied the card of the Magician in relation to Psalm 119:1-8. The Magician and the Hebrew letter Alef are associated with these verses in the book I use, The Bible and the Tarot by Corinne Heline. Here I take the Alef as my subject. Heline relates self-control to this letter. Self-control regarding to the Psalm means self-control to be able to walk in Gods ways, to keep his statues.

There is something interesting in the Psalm. The psalm says that by following the statues of God, you seek God. In Hebrew there is no ‘and’ between the two parts of the important second sentence: “Blessed are those who keep his statutes, who seek him with their whole heart.” Thus, the ethical, keeping the statues, brings you to God. In other words, in the spirituality of the psalmist you cannot search for God in the void without any ethical notion. It asks commitment from the person wanting to have a relationship or contact with God. That is the self-control of the alef, and that of the Magician related to the alef here. 

Having to keep the commandments in order to meet God calls for blocks and resistances, cannot be otherwise. I feel it in myself and I think many in the group I work with will feel that, because many of them are of an age that they were brought up in a strict climate and have an aversion to rules and regulations. So I emphasized in my (brief) text that Torah and the Ten Words (Ten Commandments) are meant to be life-giving and liberating. But still, wanting to keep those takes self-control.

I made a five-card spread to focus me.

The lesson of the Alef in Psalm 119:1-8
1.My desire to keep Gods statues, seeking Him (be aware: can be ‘positive’ and ‘negative’
2.The unconscious desire/conflict behind this (card 1)
3.Obstacle in keeping Gods statues, seeking Him
4.Help in keeping Gods statues, seeking Him
5.How does keeping Gods statues and seeking him, bless me?

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