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The City of Brahman and Psalm 119: 9-17


What a coincidence… Just today I’ve worked on the High Priestess in relation to Psalm 119:9-16 which was about the heart…about hiding the promise of God in our heart (High Priestess is related to the Hebrew letter Beth, meaning 'house'). And now this evening I read a card alongside a Hindu text about the heart. Hopefully it spreads light or add depth to what I have worked on today.

First a short introduction in the terminology. Hindus call the ultimate reality, that is nameless, formless and indefinable, “Brahman.” All different gods represent aspects of Brahman. For the Hindu mystic, every human being is one with Brahman through his or her ‘Atman.’ This is his or her divine soul, which is a part of Brahman.

In de city of Brahman

In the city of Brahman is a secret dwelling,
the lotus of the heart. Within in this dwelling
is a space, and within that space it the
fulfilment of our desires. What is within
that space should be longed for and realized.

As great as the infinite space beyond is the
space within the lotus of the heart. Both
heaven and earth are contained in that inner
space, both fire and air, sun and moon,
lightning and stars. Whether we know it
in this world of know it not, everything is
contained in that inner space.

Never fear that old age will invade that
city; never fear that this inner treasure of all
reality will wither and decay. This knows
no age when the body ages; this knows no
dying when the body dies. This is the real
city of Brahman; this is the Self, free from
old age, from death and grief, hunger and
thirst. In the Self all desires are fulfilled.

From the Chandogya Upanishad

My question of today to be inspired by a card is: “How can I connect to this secret dwelling, the lotus of the heart?”

Just as the day before yesterday I have pulled the Animal Wise Tarot from my little bag with deck-titles. I received the King of Ancients (King of Wands). Why not the dove, why such a fearful animal, was the first impuls that welled up, later about that. 


The Cobra represents the King of Ancients, the King of Wands. The Cobra acts on direct instinct, and does that really swift. And it is able to discern and read subtle messages.

In the lotus of the heart is the whole world. So I am not only reading about connecting to my inner me, but also about connecting to others and all what is in the world. In fact I read about how I am able to connect, how I am able to make contact in general.

I think, reading the card, the best way for me to connect is to trust my hunches, my insights and instincts that I feel, movements that I see, or messages that I perceive in a subtle way. The Cobra advises me to act on them. I have made detours and detours around myself in my life, not feeling my emotions, not knowing what to desire, not trusting my instincts and insights and not acting to grab my chances. The funny thing is, all these things are actually a strong side of me. The Cobra is a powerful animal, hard to ignore. Probably because of that powerful side, I have ignored it for a long time, wanted to connect as a sweet little dove with a olive-branch, ignoring my strong side and my desires. And still, sometimes I just forget I have it in me (but giving me a headache then).

If I relate the Cobra with the promise of God that I need to hide or keep in my heart (Psalm 119 related to the High Priestess and the letter Beth), I would say that I in some or other way I guard the promise (which is liberating and life-giving) with this cobra. But I cannot grasp that fully and my hands hurt, urging me to stop. 

Text from Andrew Harvey, The Essential Mystics, Castle Books, 1998.
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