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A Biblical Empress

The day passed on too quickly. I had hoped it would be a long day with nice shopping errands, but the day came too soon to an end for that. I did get to work on the lesson of the Chariot this afternoon, one of the lessons for next fall, rewriting it a little bit, that was nice.

I am still feeling the effects of the homeopathic treatment. It really kicks in now. I am very headachy, which is a good sign, for I have had a headache for half of my life, and it must get worse first, before it can become better. And well, this headache is far more better to endure than the pain in my stomach in the past few weeks.

In the back of my mind today I tried find a biblical figure today to represent the Empress, for my course on bible and tarot. Adam represents the Magician (the choice of Corinne Heline whose book I use). I picked Eva for the High Priestess, as the ‘first woman’, but also (and foremost) because she dared to eat the apple of the Tree of Knowledge, in that way gaining access to wisdom. For the Empress is more difficult to find a figure. The important women in the Bible having to do with fertility are barren, not able to bare children, and get pregnant through a miracle. That is all what it is about, that something happens in great grief, in great longing, what is not possible. That is an anti-image to the pregnant fertile Empress who signifies the predictable cycles of nature and who is reigning these, so I cannot take Sarah. My husband suggested Mary-Magdalene. That is a possibility. But she is not a mother.

So, just now I’ve pulled a card to help me to find a strong biblical Empress-figure. A tarot-card often stirs my creativity. My question was: “What should be the emphasis in the image?”

I picked the title of the deck to use from my little bag with the four tarot deck titles I have chosen to use for a while (Animal Wise, Animal Divine, Jane Austen and Secret Forest) and I picked the Animal Divine Tarot. The card I received was King of Pentacles, represented by Ahau Kin, the Mayan sun god. 


The King of Pentacles in the RWS is pictured on the height of his reign, when everything is fertile in his domain. He is stable and reliable. In the Animals Divine Tarot the King of Pentacles has another emphasis. It is directed to how to get to this. Ahau Kin was a sun god who was connected to both the daytime and the nighttime. At night he changed in a jaguar. During the day he had a human appearance. Lisa Hunt chose this god because -so she states in her companion book to the deck- it is important to stay connected to both the world of the daylight and to the nocturnal world to have success, like the RWS king of Pentacles, sitting in his domain. The nocturnal world then stands for the subconscious psyche with all its instincts, which facilitates drive and ambition needed to make a success of something.

Having looked at this King, with his graven and serious face, and having read the essay in the companion book, I thought it would be good to look for an image in which there was huge contrast, as day and night, with the emphasis on drives, instincts and ambition. I held my breath: that is Sarah. She goes a long way to ensure offspring. She shows on the one hand the sorrow and the grief of being barren, the longing for a child and the ambition to get offspring. On the other hand she shows the happiness of having one. Sarah shows how important fertility is in life, and also how we do not have the power over it, that it is given. Of course the Empress is not about having children literally, and there is more to her that that. But fertility, the making-possible-new-life in whatever subject or issue, is the most important aspect of the Empress. Looking for a biblical image Sarah is the most important image of fertility in the bible, which emphasizes this: being barren, but getting a child.
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