ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Empress, Woman Clothed with the Sun?


I did not look in the book of Corinne Heller on bible and tarot to look for her biblical correspondence with the Empress. I thought she did not have any correspondences except Adam with the Magician, but she has one for the Empress too. My choice was Sara, but today I saw that she chooses “The Woman clothed with the Sun” from the Book of Revelation. Often this Woman is associated with Mary, crowned and and in heaven, and as a mother, mother of the church for instance. There are many paintings of her.

The Woman Clothed with the Sun an image appearing in a vision to John in Patmos. She is pregnant and is about to give birth, having great pains. I am temped to change Sarah for The Woman Clothes with the Sun, because she is truly an image of creativity. She is cosmic, and she is crowned with the stars, like the RWS Empress, but it is hard to identify with her.. that is the downside. And it is not that she births the world or something, she delivers a son (a messiah figure), goes into hiding for protection and gets in a cosmic fight with a dragon great cosmic struggle between good and evil, big contrasts, like the picture underneath, from Blake. 


I think I keep Sara, although I am not totally content with the choice. 

Tags: art, maria, psalm 119
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