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My Magical Godmother


For weeks now it is hot in Holland. This morning I woke up dizzy, with a headache. The heat has finally got to me.

I pulled a card from the Fairytale Tarot with the question: "Who am I today" (a question from the accompanying book)

To my surprise I pulled The Empress, based on the tale "Cinderella". I did not feel at all like the Empress, creative, life-giving or nurturing! But then I saw the thin girl with the big eyes on the left, Cinderella. She is just standing there, a bit stiff, watching if the magic from her fairy godmother shall work, and the pumpkin will turn into a coach. No hope in her eyes really. I was Cinderella today.

I needed my nurturing godmother, as Cinderella needed hers. I wanted her to wave with her magical wand, so that I was able to go through the day without making much effort.

That just happened. It was as if I was carried through the events of the day, without any initiative from myself. In the end it was a happy day too, and right now I feel better.
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