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Third day about Moses.

It was Moses who receive Gods law, the Ten Life Principles (the Ten Commandments, the Ten Words). The story is that God gave them to Moses high on a mountain. Mountains are often places to come into contact with the divine. Today I have read a brief text from Deuteronomy, called: “God’s Law”.

And now O Israel, what does the Eternal your God demand of you?
Only this, to revere the Eternal your God, to walk only in God’s paths,
to love God and to serve the Eternal your God with all your heart and soul.
Deuteronomy 10:12-14

Reading this text I wanted to ask a devotional question: “How do (can) I today revere The Eternal my God?”

There were two much animal themed tarots in my yellow bag with the tarot-titles from with I pull the deck to use, so I took one out and I have put extra two non-animal decks in again. Lots of choices, but now I’ve pulled the other animal that is still in the bag: the Animals Divine Tarot.

I have drawn the Page of Swords, called Anahita. Anahita is the Persian Goddess of air and water. She is as a fertility goddess, the source of all cosmic waters Her sacred animals are the dove, a reminder of her connection to the air, and the peacock, a reminder of her connection to the cosmos, the eyes of the peacock representing the stars. 


It is a peaceful setting for a page of Swords, sitting in an enclosed space, with flowing water. Today I enjoyed the sweet green colours of the spring and the warm air, while bicycling to a nearby village. I got a new homeopathic remedy today and there was no doctor on our doorstep with bad news. The doves, flying free and sitting unafraid on the hand and shoulder of the Page represent the soul of life. It is the soul of life that I am grateful for today and for which I honour God. 

Dr. Michael J. Shire, The Jewish Prophet, Jewish Lights Publishing, 2001.
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