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Steering My Own Wheel


Psalm 119, the psalm which is my subject in the course about tarot and bible, is all about Torah, which is law. Law and God are in fact the the same thing in this psalm. Problem is that the theme of the law is not popular. If there is one thing people I work with have moved away from, it is laws and regulations. I do not it easy as well. So, there is a big problem for me working with this psalm.

What I already did is making the word ‘law’ more accessible by explaining that the fundament of the law/torah is the Exodus story, a history as well as promise of liberation for each of us. (That fits also nicely in with tarot, because tarot is meant to give you tools for living your life happily.) And it is far, far more than that. It is a mystical concept, it helps to make life sarcred, it is all encompassing, but that is not the feel most people will have with it. That is all strange and far away. But only explaining the Exodus-liberation theme as fundament of the law is not enough for a solution. I should do more or something else to solve it. 

I wondered today if I should make the brief spreads about each stanza (card/letter) more open, so they can encompass more than one tradition. Probably I can see each stanza (each Hebrew letter and each card) as a step on a spiritual road, keeping it open whatever which road. Most of us are blending different paths. I did wonder what the cards would say about this idea.

The card I have received as an answer to this is the Child of Wands (Page of Wands) from the Inner Child Cards. This the Little Prince, a figure from a children’s book who visits planets. 


The book that accompagnies the deck by Lerner and Lerner is very enthusiastic about this card, inviting the reader to open up for the wonder of all things beautiful. I just feel very lonely though, looking at the blue starry sky, through which this little boy courses on its butterfly.

Still, the boy steers the butterfly. Until now I have taken the meaning of the stanza (and the Hebrew letter) very serious for the questions of two spreads I have created. I let myself be guided by the meaning of the stanza. I think must loosen up and steer my own wheel, so yes I could make the spreads so that other lifepaths can fit in, as was my question. I am afraid that otherwise doing the spreads will not be a fruitful, spiritual, healing experience. Must take the aloneness that will accompany it as it is then. But that does nag me a bit. 
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