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Yesterday it was the eve of Beltane, a festival celebrating Spring. The trees are soft-green in the sun right now. The chestnut next door is flowering, the Judas tree in our garden is blossoming (we have partly a biblical garden) and the dark pink hawthorn is a joy to look at. And today we put up the trampoline in the garden. My daughter and her friend jumped on it all afternoon.

Time for a Beltane-spread. I used a spread from Christine Jette (Tarot for All Seasons), called the “May Queen”. It consisted of five cards, spread out in the form of a May-crown.

One card I did not understand. The card was positioned between beautiful cards on top of the crown in the middle as the eye catcher of the spread. It’s position was called “Regeneration”. I used the Arthurian Tarot and the card I got in the position of regeneration was: Sword Eight. 


I felt myself walking heavily trough the swamp on the card, feeling my burning feel and my sore hamstrings. I wanted to reach the path down under the green hills. Not that it looked inviting, not at all, but better than the smelly swamp. But I knew I was not be able to reach that through the swamp with my hamstrings, and it was as if I would drown if I walked on. 

I felt the meaning of the card, but I did not understood it. Until I made the link with the RWS version of the card, the bounded woman between swords, I did not knew what the card was telling me. But the moment I connected the two cards, I did knew. The swamp tells me that I am held tight in the unfruitful position that I cannot regenerate, that nothing in my body will become ever really better. It is based on experience, my body takes slow to heal, and many of my complaints are chronically. But still, this is certainly not a helpful attitude. 

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