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Many, many things happened today. I distance myself from them now by asking a question about a tarot-subject which is completely and utterly not important compared to all the things that happen in real life, but quite necessary to be able to deal with them (in the sense that it gives me pleasure).

I wonder this evening, what my hesitation is against using the word ‘initiation’ for my course on Psalm 119, because I have the feeling that I am biased in this. Psalm 119 and the Major Arcane are often both seen like a road of initiation in which each card, and each stanza of the Psalm is an initiation. I do not like this line of thought at all. I find it pompous… and hierarchal… and I think initiations happen in real life, by transitions we go through, but not by cards…. I wonder what card comes up if I ask the tarot about it.

From my little bag with titles I have pulled the Inner Child Cards to work with.

First I asked: “Why might it be good thing to use the term initiation in the course on Psalm 119 and the Major Arcane, seen as a spiritual path?” The card I received was Ten of Hearts (Cups).


Ten of Cups is the last card of the suit. It gives a sense of completeness. This is symbolized by the rainbow with all the cups. Working with the term initiation can give the feeling of having received many emotional riches, because it is a Heart (Cup)-card. The mermaid bows her head as in reverie to the Sacred from which she has received it all, but she is not intimidated by the Sacred. Interesting is that all the hearts belong to herself now, not to the sacred, they are hers because she has gone through the all the processes to obtain them. Working with the term initation might give the feeling you really get something out of it. Would this be the feeling you have when you have worked through all of them? Or might you be able to feel it all the way in the process. That is something I do not know.

The second question I asked was: What is against the use of the word initiation for my course? The card that I pulled to inspire my answer to this was the Aladdin and the Magic lantern, the Magician in this deck. 


Often the Magician is seen as a pupil, having to learn the skills of the four suits in the tarot, represented by the instruments before him on the table. Here the instruments are lying on the floor before him. The books at the end of the room represent also ‘learning’. Aladdin is the pupil here, having to learn many skills. This ghost is very dominating in the card as someone who says what he must do, as a big, bad, father-god, who points his finger to the vulnerable boy on the floor. The feeling of being a pupil, not skilled yet, not accomplished, and being dominated by the Sacred, or by the cards, or by the idea of initiation itself… can provoke profound feelings of powerlessness.

Must think about this some more, because I am biased, and I liked the first card, the Ten of Hearts, the sense of completeness and emotional richness.
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