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Sleeping Beauty


On a summer holiday one is meant to relax.

I am on a summer holiday, so I am trying to relax. That is difficult for me. Sometimes it even is a curse for me to go and to be on a vacation. No now though, I looked forward to it.

This morning I pulled a card with the question: "Who am I today?" My card was: Four of Swords, "The Sleeping Beauty". Four of Swords is a card of resting.

My eyes fell on the spirals and windings in the card: the tail of cat, the arms of the chair, the hair of the princess, and the wool on the spindle. Spirals turn inward. Turning inward makes me sad. I am forced to turn inward now, on my holiday, I do not have my usual goals to make, and errands to run.

The princess in this story, who sleeps for a hundred years, is closed in by the grey, stone walls of her chamber. Although I looked forward to this time of relaxation, and really do enjoy it, I also feel closed in by it, it is making me restless.

That is me, today. Tomorrow another me.
Tags: fairytale tarot, four of swords

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