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The Green Man and Me in an Earlier Life


A Green Man is a deity who is depicted with a human face surrounded by leafs. It appears on roofs of churches and public buildings. It is a forest deity. Christianised, the Green Man is seen as an image of Christ, and is associated with the resurrection. Neo-pagans see the Green man as an embodiment of natural fertility. Above is a photo of a Dutch Green Man in Leeuwarden, a city close to where I live.

My question today is a playful one: “What was the nature of my relation with the Green Man in an earlier life?” Other interesting follow-up questions could be: What is the remnant of this relationship in this life? What is my karma regarding the Green Man in this life? (formulated differently: what do I need to learn from this?)

I’ve used the Inner Child Cards; it came up as the deck to use out of my bag with tarot-titles, from which I pulled on title. The card that I have pulled from the Inner Child Cards is the Ten of Hearts (Cups). 


On this card a mermaid holds a rainbow in her hands and she bows her head. There is a peaceful atmosphere on the card, and the ten hearts in the rainbow show that all the promises of healing and love of the suit of Hearts (Cups) are fulfilled on this card.

Of course I do not really know anything of the nature of my relationship with the Green Man in an earlier life. Who might he have been for me? A forest deity, the power of spring and summer itself? Did I meet the Green Man in the portals of churches, and was he Christ, who died and came to life again in spring? 

The eyes of the mermaid are cast down, she bows, probably in reverie, that is what  I said the day before yesterday when I pulled this card as well. She could be in awe for the beauty of creation, or in awe for the Green Man itself, the Spirit behind it who puts it in motion. No man is with her on the card, she is all alone, enjoying her rainbow of cups.

I was a nun back then, married to Christ. Here on the card I am immersed in my of visions of Him, finding solace, beauty, and fulfilment in them. 

Inspired by: Llewellyn's Witches' Spell-A-Day Almanac 2003, Llewellyn, 2002, May 6.
Tags: christ, green man, inner child cards, neo-paganism, ten of cups

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