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New, but Scary Behaviour

Today I asked the question ”New, but scary behaviour” to the tarot. 

Again I’ve pulled the Inner Child Cards to work with. I was surprised, I pull them so often lately, but today it makes sense, because I was at an evening for breast-cancer patients with the Inner Child Cards. The theme of this evening was “Complementary Care”. I was a great evening. A music-therapist made music with us, someone told about the work she had done in creative therapy, and the evening ended with a very relaxing visualization. I did not read cards (well a few, but not all evening). I had a little table with flyers and the cards and some enlarged cards that could stand up. I always have a purple tablecloth on these occasions, but now I did have a pink one. The colours of the cards went well with that.

Now over to the “new, but scary behaviour”. I picked the “Midas Touch” (Justice) as an answer. 


The story of Midas is that he wished that everything he touched became gold. Unfortunately he touched his daughter, who turned into gold as a consequence. Midas was very unhappy, regretted his wish and wanted to make her alive again. To do that he had to dive deep in a pool, to fetch a vase with water. With water from the made her live again. Symbolically the story tells that Midas had to connect with his feeling-side again. This water in the pool and the vase suggest this.

For me the new but scary behaviour is firstly not to stare myself blind on the courses I want to give (because I must study really hard for them) but let that go. That is really new behaviour. Makes me feel empty, which is new.

There is yet something else. I am feeling quite sad lately, that is a feeling. I am not so busy for the first time in two years. I finished writing a course last year that took up a lot of time. I felt much happier when I was so busy. That could also be my new behaviour, not hiding in busyness in order to escape certain unpleasant feelings, but just feel what is there. But feeling sad… To be honest I do not trust that feeling, hmm, it does not belong to my favourites.
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