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Looking Back at Yesterdays' Card

I had the workshop “Reading Psalms with Tarot” today for which I pulled a card yesterday, showing me how I could ‘be’ with the participants. Two of Swords from the Inner Child Cards came as an answer to that question.

Today I look back how the card reflected my behaviour. I now can add another layer to the meaning of this specific two of Swords card looking back on what I did. 


But first, I enjoyed the workshop very much. It was a nice group of people. What stood out in this group was that the psalms came to life. We started reading a psalm aloud, everyone a verse, then did a reading, and ended with reading the psalm another time in the same way, each a verse. It was surprising sometimes how well a verse a person read, after the reading related to his or her situation, and how everyone noticed that. And it was remarkable how people hit bottom with their interpretations for each other in the moments we read as a group. Reading as a group is so rich!

The other layer I can add to to my personal meanings of this version of the Two of Swords is: “reacting and keeping balance by adapting to the situation at hand”. The two persons on this card are fencing. In fencing you need to keep your balance, adapt and react to what the other does. Also you need to be flexible in fencing. During the workshop I had to change plans. One of the psalms I wanted to do a reading with, did not fit the group (at least that is what I thought) so I needed to react and adapt that, and choose another one.
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