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Waning Moon

The moon is waning, time for banishing or letting things go. I asked the tarot, what I can let go off during this time.

I’ve worked with the Inner Child Cards and I pulled the Child of Wands (Page of Wands). A boy on a butterfly flies to his destination through the dark blue sky. He is exploring new worlds. 


What I find sometimes difficult about the Inner Child cards is that images differ so much from the RWS that some of the cards take on another meaning for me. The Child of Wands for instance, functions in the deck as a Page of Wands. He is in the sense that he wants to exploring new areas in his life. But the RWS Page of Wands is standing still, is not going in a direction yet. On this card the boy is definitely going somewhere. Always when I draw this card my eyes tend to go to the hands that use the feelers as a steering wheel. So if I do not look out, the meaning of this card will reduce to “having a mission and a destination, having control.” There is definitely more to this card, the happiness on the face of the little boy, the enthusiasm, the boundless heaven he is flying in… Still my eyes keep going to these hands steering the feelers for his mission. I do have issues with control, so is might be very well something that belongs to me in the case of this card.

Back to the question of what I can let go off during this waning moon. Ah, well, cannot miss, these are the hands at the steering wheel. I am letting go of control (loosing it a bit), at least that is how I feel it. I’m more depressed, anxious than I have been in years before. And now I am ill as well. I do feel all this as losing control. It is caused by the homeopathic remedies I use, the homeopathic practitioner told me that again yesterday when I met her. It is ‘peeling of layers’. She had told me beforehand that this could happen. But now it happens… The promise is that I will come out of it stronger, less feeling the need to keep an (anxious) balance, because it is just there. So in the light of this promise, I just stay in there, and try not to take myself and my complaints too seriously.
Tags: homeopathy, inner child cards, page of wands
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