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Simple Pleasures

My daughter is few hours away; coen_wessel  is immersed in the great adventures of pathfinders, maps spread all around him, so all is quiet. I am still ill, and did not post yesterday because of that. Yesterday I had to go with my daughter to a nearby city for her singing lesson, although I ran a fever. Regretfully we had bad luck. The bus we aimed for did not come because there was a bicycle competition, and we had to wait a long time for the next. When I came back I dropped down in bed.

I am doing a “new deck spread” to explore the Victorian Romantic Tarot. I do it real slowly, every day one card.

I did not post yesterday, but it was nice to think back on the Fool that I had drawn the day before yesterday as an answer to the question to what the deck brought to the partnership. Often the sun on this card, printed on the back of one of the artists, was in my mind. And thinking back on my post, I felt mildly reproached by the deck (again) about my view on decks, not wanting to have to much confusion with the RWS cards, because what stood out in the entry was “unconventionality”, the importance of tolerating difference.

Today I have pulled a card for the third position of the spread: “What you bring to the partnership; your special attributes”

What I bring to the partnership is symbolized by the Nine of Cups. 


Again I have received a card that is easily associated with another one. I see myself gazing into the jug, “Is there something in it, or is it empty?” That is a question that can be asked while having drawn the Four of Cups. This question is not meant here though. The man looks lively, and looks also well to do, he can order a next jug of beer easily.

I do not like the atmosphere in the room of the card, it is grey, and bare, and I do not like the man. It is all a bit vulgar. Vulgarity is not what is meant with this version of the Nine of Cups. Meant is: simple, down to earth pleasures, contentment and happiness that come from simple things.

So, firstly I bring pleasure to the deck. Pleasure is something that I already enjoyed with this deck. I saw many images in the making of the deck on baba_studio  last summer and I have enjoyed that immensely. I anticipate the pleasure stays.

I do bring vulgarity to the deck as well, because that is what I saw in the card. I do not know why, probably it is me in the past few days wanting to bring everything back to the RWS “standard”. It is a funny attribute to have in relation to this deck, because the deck is very refined.

Furthermore, there is the boredom from the Four of Cups card. This card and its themes play along in this version of the Nine of Cups, if you look at its image (although it is not intended). Boredom is something that I do recognize in my attitude. I have many decks, and am bored quickly with decks (…that has a certain vulgarity to it…). I see my self looking questioning into the jar: is this deck something for me or not?

Summing up: to this deck I bring a questioning attitude (born from being bored quickly), vulgarity, pleasure and fun.
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