ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Saul and David


I bring chagrin to everyone in my neighbourhood (being ill takes its toll). So, that is probably why I saw a foul King Saul sitting on his throne, listening to David who is playing lute in image of the card that I have drawn, catching his spear in a minute in order to throw it to David. 


I am bored, and angry about not being able to go back to my normal routine. Hence me thinking on the card is malicious Saul (me) and David, represented in my life by my daughter Lauren of ten who acts as a nurse, and dances her streetdance performance all the time. The card was not pulled as card of the day, although I just now read it like that. It was meant as an answer to what I can accomplish with the Victorian Romantic Tarot, how I can use the deck.

The card is the King of Wands from the Victorian Romantic Tarot, and King Saul and David are not depicted. I have drawn this card at the fourth position of a new-deck spread: “What you can accomplish with the deck, how you can use it.” I pull one card each day from this spread.

I see myself on this card as King, listening very intently, doing a lot of effort to hear the music of the lute player who represents -for me now- the deck. The head of the player is tilted back from me, immersed in his own dreams, not making a conscious effort to connect with the King. So, I take it that I must work hard to be able to get something out of the deck. The impatience of the King of Wands can be a roadblock here. But if I do listen to the rhythm and the sound of deck, its own individuality, it can bring me the fiery authority of the King of Wands, energy and flashes of insight, and probably I am lifted up from this world for a time by the music of the deck.
Tags: king of wands, lauren, spread, victorian romantic tarot

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