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About Coughing and Sensuality (not related)

I do not know how I did this. I did managed not cough for one and an half hour today. I participated on a teleconference about the Readers Studio 2007, I was not at the event, but that did not matter. On the call I did not cough for one and a half hour, while I am coughing all the time, all day long. Odd is it? I should have pushed the number six on the phone, that is a ‘mute button’, than nobody could hear me cough. I did not dare to push it though, so it was really important that I did not cough. I do not know how did that: not cough. Probably something in my body threatened: “Do not cough now, or you will die!” I also was on the right time on the phone. I dialled the right number, and I pushed the right button after that. All people on the call were very friendly, telling how they had experienced the event, and tarotacademyfrom Birmingham told me what the sessions were about, so I could follow it all. They all shared their key learning’s of the conference, and even I did that, from what I learned on the telephone just now. Great.

But now to my card that I have pulled from a new deck spread to get to know the Victorian Romantic Tarot. I drew a card at the fifth position of the spread: “What you can learn from the deck?”

In fact I pulled the card yesterday evening. The deck was in our bedroom (because I was ill) and I was curious. I pulled Two of Cups. 


I stared long at the card, and then I asked my husband, coen_wessel  who never ever has pulled one card in his life, what he thought the card could teach. “Ah well,” he said after sometime looking at the card, “this is about how difficult it is to come together”. A great reading of the card.  

This card differs from the RWS’ Two of Cups. The man and the woman are sitting with much space between each other, although their hands are connected by the white lace of the blouse, and the cups just stand in between them; the cups are not held, and they are not touching. And the woman is immersed in a flower in her hand, she does not look at the man. So yes, the image of the card backs up the reading of my husband. 


What I like on the Victorian Romantic Two of Cups is the play on the RWS version. The white lace of the woman’s blouse is ruffled and reminds of the winded strings on the caduceus above the woman and man on the RWS Two of Cups. And of course the two cups on the bench, refer to that card, suggesting the cups in the hands of the persons on the RWS card. The image even plays with the Lovers: the woman not looking to the man, looking down to the leaf in her hand, instead of looking up to the angel on the Lovers card. And behind the man is a tree, what suggests the tree behind the man on the Lovers card.

Ah well, all this does not says anything about my opinion, about what I think I can I learn from this deck. I think I can learn female sensuality of the deck. On this Two of Cups version the woman takes the central position on the card, and I find her a sensual woman (a bit brooding, that concerns me slightly). As a person with Venus retrograde, the sensual side of me is a somewhat in the shadows, and meeting your shadow is one the meanings of the Two of Cups.
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