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Picture the Pain Spread: Card 1

I wanted to work again on my course about tarot and psalm 119, but I feel so utterly, utterly lousy, that I cannot do that. Yesterday evening I had a class about tarot and dreams, my co-worker did most of the work (she did a great job, very impressive), but it was cold though were I sat though and I already was feverish, and of course the evening was intense. Ah well I do not know, why I am sicker.  

I decided just to make an entry in my journal instead of working on my course. I go on reading with the Victorian Romantic Tarot for an other couple of days, because connecting with a deck, and putting it directly aside is not satisfactory.

I love the books of Christine Jette: her book on shadow work with the tarot, the one about the tarot for celebrating the cycle of the year, and last but not least, the one about doing healing work, Tarot for the Healing Heart. I always in the back of my mind want to teach a course with the book, just doing one spread, one lesson, but it is such heavy stuff that I always put it off. It is from this book that I what to do a spread.

The spread that I will do during the next couple of days, is called: “Picture the Pain”. The spread helps to gain insight into a specific illness, condition or symptom. The cards of the spread reveal something important of your inner self. The layout consists of five cards, and they are laid out as follows:


The first card is called “The Pain”. The card’s image tells something about the illness. The card can provoke a past memory, or hit upon a recent issue, and it can possibly tell where the pain is stored in the body. I have pulled Eight of Pentacles. 


I felt a light criticism by the tarot when I looked at this card. On the image a Greek young man is concentrating on painting a vase. He is an apprentice, learning the skill of vase-painting. Recently I have started a homeopathic treatment, and my illness -a really bad sinus-infection, and much coughing- can be, and probably is, an effect of the treatment. I have been given a remedy for it, but oh dread, it takes such a long time. One of the ‘reversed’ meanings of this card is ‘impatience’ in learning a skill. Oddly stated, but you could say my body is learning a new skill by these remedies, and I am impatient with it. I do want that my body to learn the skill faster, I want it to heal quicker. I felt rebuked because I myself am working on it, my body is working on it, the practicioner is working on it (she is really nice and involved), and I am impatient. That is not fair. That was my first reaction when I saw this card.

I could not get anything more out of the image, and went to bed, because I did not feel well. In bed I thought to enter the card. When I did that I felt the same airy, light feeling as I feel sometimes when I take the remedy. Without entering and just looking at the card, there is much space and air, despite the Greek young man's concentration. I also felt a profound sadness, a feeling of crying. It was located in my belly. So sorrow is one of the issues, located in my belly. There is more to this card I guess, but this is enough for today. 
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