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The Window of the Heh (Psalm 119:33-40)

Every day I pull a card from the “Picture the Pain” Spread. I am still feverish, so that is still relevant. But do want post the following spread first, because it gave me an important insight that do not want to forget.

Today I worked on my course about psalm 119 and the tarot. I rewrote it and rewrote it again, and it is becoming better now. What I also did is pulling the cards for the spread of the Hierophant, belonging to the letter Heh (I don not use the Golden Dawn system here) and the verses 33-40 of Psalm 119. The questions and my answers to these in this spread are:

Card 1
What do you have to learn on your religious or spiritual path that is beneficial to you, that will gives you space and view (from the window of the Heh, the image of this letter is a window). The card that I received to this question was Five of Wands. 


There is struggle on this card. This is an internal struggle. For me it is important to learn that faith, religion and walking a spiritual path, does not mean struggle and challenges. I can relate this card to many of the readings I did in Lent, in which the questions I asked in my readings demanded highly moral behaviour of me, to which I could not live up.

Card 2
Follow in your imagination the hand of the Hierophant that points to the open space that is behind him. Then pull a card to the following question: Which view on the sacred comes into being then (by the learning on card one). I pulled the Ace of Pentacles as an answer to this question. 


On this card a woman is lying in a relaxed way on a rug nearby a warm fire. There is cradle next to her and she is plays with a young leopard. The card symbolises a gift. A physical gift. For me this one this is one of the nicest cards in the deck. This card means to me that if I let go of the idea of struggle, as well as the idea that faith is a un unbroken line of challenges, then the sacred is a gift. It is the gift of relaxation and a feeling of profound safety and well-being.
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