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Judgement is a 'big' card. It is about living a new life, about rebirth and putting the past behind you. It seems a bit much really for a Card of the Day. Today I pulled it as such from the Fairytale Tarot; "Snow White" it is called, as additional title.

Big and small, I lived the Judgement card today. I am getting used to being on holiday, so I am adjusting to another sort of life. In that sense I lived the Judgement card, albeit in a small way.

Snow White is awakening to a life of feelings, to love and passion, to a life of grown-ups, to real-life.

My thoughts wandered off -it takes a holiday for that- to where I am in my life right now. More than 10 years ago I got hurting arms from typing. A crisis followed. After that, each year I got a little bit better, although I could not see that at the time. I am still getting stronger. And, just like Snow White, I am more 'grown up', I know myself better now, what I like and dislike, and what my feelings are on the inside.

In reflecting and seeing my life in this respect, I also lived the Judgement card today.
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