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Picture the Pain Spread: Card 3

Still feverish, higher than other days, coughed less today. As the third card in the “Picture the Pain” spread by Christine Jette, from her book Tarot for the Healing Heart, I have pulled Six of Pentacles from the Victorian Romantic Tarot. The card symbolizes called unconscious hopes and fears, issues I am vaguely aware of. The card represents a block that has hindered my flow of energy. 


This version of the Six of Pentacles emphasizes charity. It is wonderful how Karen Mahony adapts her interpretations of these cards to the Victorian age, all the while still keeping the meaning of the card in the range of possible meanings. Many poor people were dependent on charity in those times, and she addresses that theme extensive in the essay of the card. The little girl on the card sells flowers; the woman buys a little bouquet of the girl. She does this for charity, but does so very stiffly, and without a smile.

Firstly, I think this card tells me I need to share my feelings, my fears. But that really is something I know already. Still it is important. Secondly, I think that the needy, intense looking girl, and the stiff woman who does not laugh, are separated in myself. I cannot give what I am going to say hands and feet, but my feeling is that the little one needs to be placed into the grown-up, so the grown up loosens up a bit and becomes softer by the openness and sadness of the litte girl. The vulnerable little girl is more protected that way. Balance is the result of that.
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