ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Three card drawing by Lauren

This is the three-card-drawing by my daughter Lauren, ten years old. She was inspired by a three-card-drawing that I had made today about a dream.      


 She had pulled King of Pentacles (1) Queen of Cups (2) Ace of Pentacles (3) for her picture.  


Lauren made the drawing on coming back from four days of school camping with her group. They had been on an island in the sun. The drawing shows something of the light of the sun, sea and sand. The Queen of Cups is giving a present to the King of Pentacles on the drawing, she said. She also said that the Queen of Cups looked full of hate at her cup on the card, and she saw the King of Pentacles as a dictator on his card. The school camp has been a very important experience for her.
Tags: ace of pentacles, king of pentacles, lauren, queen of cups, rws, three card drawing

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