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Pentecost 2

Still feverish. Pentecost is over now. Still I make an entry about it, not wanting to write only about my resistance against that feast, which I did on the first day of Pentecost. Though I do think that looking at resistances is worthwhile in itself, it gets you in touch with all sorts of things you rather not like dwell upon, feelings of angriness, sorrow, and helplessness, but which are there lurking in the dark.

After I had pulled the card that showed my resistance to Pentecost, I have pulled a second card that showed me how I could give value to this feast. I have pulled Four of Pentacles from the Golden Tarot of the Tsar as an instrument to do that. 


Pictured is a monk holding a bag with money, protecting it, if he is afraid that it will be stolen from him. In fact the card is very much ‘anti-Pentecost’. This feast is about sharing, and sharing the gospel with other, even foreign, people, but this man is not sharing, but holding on to his moneybag quite fearfully. But it is not that interpretation I think is relevant for me now. To me, in my situation, I take it that the card shows me a coping instrument. My resistance to this feast was that the Holy Spirit comes, without me having chosen its coming. Taking that one step further, it shows my resistance against my destiny, that I cannot choose my fate in the end. The card of today shows how to deal with that. It says to me: “Make money from you situation.” Or: “Make the most of it.” Or: “See what has shaped your destiny as an valuable instrument.” Having seen the card in this way satisfying to me. 

But there is more to say about this card, especially about the them of Pentecost, for which I have pulled this card. I had asked about the value of that feast, and the card shows literally value, because a money bag is depicted. For me the card shows that I should give my own value in the sense of meaning to Pentecost. And I should protect that meaning, because it is of value to me. More about that in my next entry.
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