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Big Bad Wolf: Card 1

For one week I will occupy myself with the Big Bad Wolf spread (if nothing else comes up during the week). It is a spread that helps to identify the wolf, to see if of the wolf is paranoia or a real threat, and of course the spread helps to defeat the wolf! I found the spread here on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum. 


Today I have pulled card one: “Who is the Big Bad Wolf in my life?” I have chosen the Tarot of the Thousand and One Nights as the deck to work with, and I have pulled Six of Swords 

When I looked at my card, the fear was that the sail of the boat would go down or that the wind would drop down, so that the ship could not go forward anymore. Then these people are trapped on this big see in the middle of the night, just helpless.

Thus, my fear is not to be able to go forward, and I am afraid to be trapped in that. Trapped on a big wide ocean, without firm ground under my feet. Sinking almost. I have run a fever for three weeks now. Happily it is going down, but now I feel weak and wobbly on my feet. This is not all of it. The fear is deeper than that. It is also the fear (I am repeating myself here) that I am going through all the unpleasantness of the homeopathic treatment -like the fever for instance- for nothing. I am afraid that it will not help, and that I just stay there in the middle of the ocean. And what then? What hope is left? That is the Big Bad Wolf for me now.

It is not for the first time I have pulled the Six of Swords. I have pulled this same card from the Rider-Waite deck in the week before this week. I used it in a drawing about a significant dream. The card helped me back then to go forward; it gave me a sense of hope and a feeling of stability. The boat on the Thousand and One Nights deck is different from the boat on the RWS Six of Swords, but the theme is the same. In tthe RWS version a man pulls the boat forward with a stick. The man controls the movements of the boat. On the card that I have pulled today the wind has the all the power, and its movements are unpredictible. The next card will show the intensity of my fear. It will tell me if my fear is just paranoia or a real threat. I am looking forward to it already.
Tags: fairy tale spread, homeopathy, six of swords, spread: big bad wolf, tarot of the thousand and one nights
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