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The card I pulled today with the question: "Who am I today?" is: 10 of Coins, from the Fairytale Tarot, and it is titled "The Goose Girl". 


This girl is a princess in reality, but is forced to take on another position: a servant and a goose girl. All magical forces -among them a speaking horse- set in motion by her mother, protect her, and help to restore her in position as a princess. Ten of Coins is about order, "how things should be" (among other interpretations).

Just before I pulled this card I did something for the health of a a family-member. It was not a magical action, but some people look at it that way. I chuckled and thought about my action when I saw this card with the story of the Goose Girl, full of motherly protective magic, helping to restore the just order.

This is somewhat of a vague description I know, but I cannot be more explicit here.
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