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Big Bad Wolf: Card 3

The Big Bag Wolf spread is a marvellous spread. I just don’t like the theme of the threat that I have encountered on card one: the threat of not being able to reach a shore… It makes me feel uneasy. Besides that, I do want to live in the safe belief that I have conquered the wolf in the card of yesterday. The big bad wolf was in that card -a reality check- a peaceful stream with many islands to rest upon during the trip. Why not stop here and then with doing the spread then? Well, I think big bad wolfs are not hat easily conquered, and aren’t big bad wolfs not destined to make you feel uneasy? 


So I’ve been brave. I have pulled card three of the spread. The card shows the type of threat the big bad wolf is to me, an emotional, physical, spiritual or mental threat. The card that I have pulled is Seven of Pentacles. 

Just seeing the number and the suit at first, I immediately thought of the RWS version of the card, and I came rapid to the conclusion that the threat was emotional, namely impatience: waiting to get better, and wanting to speed that up. That is certainly true for the acute illness I have. That takes too long, and I am impatient, wanting to feel better as soon as possible.

But, there is probably more to it.The picture on the card can just mean something else. I looked long and hard at it, even ith the use of a magnifying glass, and I came to the following. I see myself as the man walking down the shore. He walks by a stall with fish, vegetables and fruit, but he does not buy anything. He is feeling too listless for that. He is feeling not happy walking one the shore. Just as on the first card, there is a ship on this card. In contrast with the ship on the first card, this ship is not solely dependent on the wind; people are rowing it as well. I wondered why I was not on that ship. Since I did not like it on the shore, why had I not gone in the boat? Well, the reason was that I did not feel well enough for it. I felt too tired for the big challenge of sailing away with the ship.

Feeling too listless, even too listless to buy what is presented, and feeling too tired for a challenge: that is the nature of the threat as I see it today. There I am, trapped in the middle: between the shore and the challenge of sailing away. The nature of the threat is physical. But I am impatient as well…
Tags: fairy tale spread, health, seven of pentacles, spread: big bad wolf, tarot of the thousand and one nights

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