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Big Bad Wolf: Card 4

Today I have pulled the fourth card in the Big Bad Wolf spread. The card answers the question why the big bad wolf is a threat to me. 


I have pulled the Knave of Chalices from the Tarot of the Thousand and One Nights. 


On the card a boy is reading a some sort of manuscript. He is leaning against lush cushions. On the forefront is a jug, probably symbolizing that this is a cup-card. The Knave is the equivalent of a page. Page signal the need for change, he or she is open for messages and opportunities. They are risk-takers and have to learn what there is learn in their suit.

This time it is not the image of the card that gives me the clue for my answer. Again, just as on the Seven of Pentacles and on the Two of Pentacles there is a difference on the card between the forefront and the background. Leon Carre, the artist who painted the cards, seems to like that. On the forefront sits the Knave; on the background we see a wide view of a city. Again, just as with the Seven of Pentacles, I could interpret the card as a choice between staying home (having all sorts of feelings about this) and going out in the city in the background (and having all sorts of feelings about that). But making this sort of choices is not Page of Cups-like at all, and besides that, it would not add anything to the cards that I already have pulled. So I do not want to go there. The interpretation has to be different. 

The big bad wolf (card 1) to me was the fear of getting stuck in the middle of the ocean, not being able to reach the shore, my destination. It was Six of swords that I pulled back then as the ‘big bad wolf’. On that card is an image of a boat on the ocean in the night. I wondered, what makes me wanting to reach the shore so much? Well, the ocean on the Six of Swords can be read as emotions, overwhelming emotions: angst, anxiety, fear of dying, all kinds of drama. Taking this one step further, getting stuck on the ocean means coming into contact with those feelings. Now, I have drawn a Page here, a Page of Cups, belonging to the suit of emotions. To me that means I do not meet these feelings as an adult, but as a child, a vulnerable child, not being able yet to handle all these anxieties. Thus, the reason why the wolf is a threat to me is because I meet a part in me from long ago, but still alive in me that is helpless, and lonely, and afraid, not being able to handle these overwhelming emotions.
Tags: fairy tale spread, page of cups, spread: big bad wolf, tarot of the thousand and one nights
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